Sulo "The King" King - vocals
                                Andy "Danger" Herbst - guitar / vocals
                                Christian "Voodoo Child" Borja - lead guitar / vocals
                                Rice "the patriot" Enright - bass/ vocals
                                brian Gaeta - drums


Authentic Sellout is a high energy Punk Rock / Rock n Roll band that was formed in the fall of 2006 in San Diego, CA. The band originally was formed for the means of playing just one show as a one night only novelty act. Little did they know that they would evolve in to the powerful 5 piece lineup that they are today.

Through out the years they have entertained the masses by playing with such legendary acts such as Misfits, Dead Kennedy's, T.S.O.L., JFA, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Angry Samoans, Dr. Know, the Dictators NYC, Agent Orange, GBH, Manic Hispanic, Guttermouth, Circle Jerks, sick of it all, slapshot and Punk Rock Karaoke.

Just released is the bands highly anticipated debut album "Take Back the Streets". It packs eight driving tracks that touch on everything from current affairs to popular culture. "After a few years off from playing shows and writing we decided it was time to reform the band and write an album that people could really relate to and I believe we accomplished that". - Sulo King -